Apr 15, 2013

Tiger Stone: Brick Road Laying Machine

Tiger stone machine laying a brick road: fabulous world

This article provides a close view with some useful facts about “TIGER STONE MACHINE” used for laying a brick road in few moments. This machine is not fully automatic having 2-3 workers, this machine is capable to lay down 300 square meters (3,230 Sq ft) per day and simultaneously 6 meters (20 ft) wide road with various types of interlocking patterns. For Details read further……

What is Tiger Stone machine (Brick Laying Machine)???

In this fabulous world of creativity there is nothing untouched by technology. Here we have an explosion of charming brick roads instead of the concrete and asphalt roads. The Dutch made machine, the TIGER STONE is going to make it all possible.

Tiger stone is a brick road laying machine in perfect formation using the gravity based system and electric motor at a lightning speed. This machine is fully capable to lay down a road with help of two to three workers. Wherever the machine goes it construct a road in its front and what you need to do is to fill the bricks into the machine. An average brick layer can lay down 70 to 100 sq meters a day having paining back and knees, while on the other hand tiger stone is capable of laying 300 to 450 sq meters per day.

 Working of Tiger Stone

Laying of brick roads with tiger stone is too easy as spreading carpet on ground. One to three human operator stands on the platform of machine near by the hopper filled with bricks. The operator moves the loose bricks from hopper to the sloping pusher slot. The bricks are to be placed in the pusher in the desired pattern of brick laying at road surface.

Now the gravity force makes them to slide down in form of a road wide sheet, moving to the sand surface on ground. That’s all about the process of laying brick roads. One of the most lengthy and time consuming work is done by this machine in a highly impressive way. Brick roads are very attractive and durable but they were not made from a long time due to use of Labour intensive work in laying bricks.

This device is going to become a very useful part of brick road laying process due to its features as feeding loose bricks and having a road made in different desired patterns as it moves along. This machine is electrically powered and has no moving parts making noise, so noise and maintenance are minimized.
The machine as wide as road, Is available in four, five, six meter (13, 16, 20 ft) widths and costs from €60000 to €80000 (US$81,485 to $108,655). This machine is a revolutionary device which provides a good road as per durability as well as the aesthetic aspects. 

Using such type of devices problems at site as time consumption and workability, are totally solved. The work done by this machine is such a wonderful thing ever.

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